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My Frenchy Wine specializes in importing French wines to South Carolina.

Our mission is to select the best quality of wines and import them to our customers in South Carolina.

Our owner personally hand picks every one of our wines directly from the producers in France, creating a unique relationship.

We place particular importance on our highly selective criteria and these standards enable us to better satisfy our customers.

The estates have entrusted us with their wines and we have the obligation to ensure these wines are treated with the same care that they are made with.


We attest to a certain level of competence, enabling us to taste a wine professionally, describe it and assess its qualities by:

Deciphering a wine label, checking regulatory compliance, explaining a cultural context that varies from one French wine-growing region to another, promoting our wine heritage.

Identify grape varieties, styles and characteristics. And finally, understanding wine-growing and oenological practices.

Our goal is to apply these key principles to give our customers the best possible advice.

Our Mission

Advising our customers, understanding their motivations and helping them to develop the best sales: these are the principles that drive us.

We want to bring the best of our wine expertise to your business.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Available throughout South Carolina